Andy McKee Player Profile

Andy McKee

Andy Mckee is one of the most well-known modern fingerstyle guitar players in the world. Hailing from America, Andy’s fame has largely spread through his amazing YouTube videos (check out the example below, 55million views and counting!).

Originally coming from a metal and rock background, McKee fingerstyle acoustic work has hewed closer to folks like Michael Hedges and Antoine Dufour.

One of my personal favorites is his cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”. So good.


If you’re a fan of Spotify, here’s a couple tunes to get you started:


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  • Greenfield G4 and G2 Guitars – website
  • Greenfield HG1.2 Harp Guitar[10]
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Electric Guitars – Steve Morse, Luke III and John Petrucci models – website
  • Ernie Ball Everlast Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings – Medium – details
  • Shubb Capos – view capos
  • Lance McCollum Baritone Guitar – more info
  • Ron Spillers Harp Guitar – view guitar
  • K&K Sound Pickups (internal) – pickup details
  • DTAR Solstice Pre-Amp – details
  • T.C. Electronics Reverb – reverb info
  • König & Meyer Heli A-Guitar Stand – kinda like this one