TOmmy Emmanuel How To Change Strings

The Best Way To String A Guitar, According To Tommy Emmanuel (AKA: An Unorthodox Theory on String Brands)

Last week, put up a great video piece with Tommy Emmanuel, where he discusses how he changes strings on acoustic guitar. He also gets into a bit of a conspiracy theory about how the brand of strings you use influences your guitar. First, Tommy’s advice on changing strings: PRE-STEPS Tommy doesn’t really cover it, but the first steps of …

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ScoreCloud 4

How To Easily, Automatically Transcribe Fingerstyle Guitar: ScoreCloud 4 Review

ScoreCloud 4 was created by Sven Ahlbäck & Sven Emtell to make notating music easier. As guitarists, we know that notating guitar, particularly polyphonic “fingerstyle” guitar, can be tedious and difficult. There’s a lot to pay attention to with all the different parts of the arrangement – melody, chord voicings, and bass. The rhythms, in particular, can be tricky. This is …

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Beginning Blues Turnarounds - Header Image

Getting Started with Blues Turnarounds

GUEST POST – In this lesson we will be talking about turnarounds. Turn arounds are a staple in jazz and blues playing. Today we’ll be focused on blues turnarounds and how you can use these to enhance your blues playing today! A turnaround is typically the last two bars of a 12 bar blues chord progression, however in some instances …

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Tommy Emmanuel Video Lessons

How Are Tommy Emmanuel’s “Fingerstyle Milestones” Video Lessons? (Hint: They’re Good…)

Tommy Emmanuel is widely known as an apex acoustic guitar player – the top of the game, the cream of the crop, the man with the plan from the street with the beat. But everyone knows that. What I did not know was that he’s also a phenomenal teacher. Backstory I’ve learned some Tommy Emmanuel tunes over the years and …

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Finger Picks - 7 Popular Finger Picks to Clarify Your Fingerpicking

7 Popular Finger Picks to Clarify Your Fingerpicking

Finger picks brighten and clarify your fingerpicking. Using the flesh of your fingers to individually pick the strings usually creates a muted and muddy sound. But by attaching a plectrum to the end of each picking finger, each note is picked with added power and brightness – cutting through more clearly. In classical guitar, guitarists often grow out their natural …

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