What does CGP stand for Steve Wariner

What does CGP stand for in guitar?

C.G.P. stands for Certified Guitar Player.  This is a designation that Chet Atkins assigned to guitar players who excelled far beyond the normal line of playing.  He handed this title out only to four guitar players in his lifetime.  After his death, his daughter (on behalf of his estate) conferred it on last recipient – Paul Yandell, Chet’s longtime band leader and co-guitarist.

Tommy Emmanuel gives some background in this interview.  He says that Chet felt that universities gave out degrees for four years of work, but where was the award for a life time of contributing to the guitar world?  Tommy mentions that a group went to the governors of all the states in the U.S. and got this designation made official.

There are five guitar players designated “c.g.p.”, certified guitar players:


What does CGP Stand for Tommy Emmanuel









Tommy Emmanuel  |  www.tommyemmanuel.com | Fingerstyle Guitar Courses


What does CGP stand for John Knowles










John Knowles  |   www.johnknowles.com

What does CGP stand for Jerry Reed










Jerry Reed  |   wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Reed


What does CGP stand for Steve Wariner








Steve Wariner  |   www.stevewariner.com


What does CGP stand for Paul Yandell










Paul Yandell  |  www.studio9kc.co.uk/paul


Note: “C.G.P.” is also an album by Chet Atkins from 1988.


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