Many of my most popular posts involve ranking guitar apps.  Tuners, metronomes, tabs, you name it – there’s probably an app for it (as we all know).  And so I’ve tried to recommend the best apps for each category.

I try to find apps that provide excellent features, with excellent design, at both free and paid levels.  I also try to provide recommendations for both iOS and Android apps as much as possible.

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If you’re just starting your search for helpful guitar apps, try reading these first:

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Best Guitar Tuner Apps

The 9 Best Guitar Tuner Apps

If you’re looking for the best guitar tuner app, you’re likely to go search the App Store for “guitar tuner” …and you’ll get 452 results.  That’s a lot of guitar tuners.  But which one is best?  After downloading some apps, reading up, and asking around in some forums, here’s our list of the 9 best guitar tuner apps (ranked by …

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Practice Book

App Review: Keeping Your Tabs Organized with Practice Book

Practice Book solves a basic problem for all sorts of guitarists:  quickly accessing your favorite tabs.  If you’re like me, you often look up a tab (or ten) and simply leave them open in the web browser while you play.  Then, the inevitable happens.  A week later, you refresh your whole browser, and poof!  Those tabs are gone.  Sure, you …

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How to Import Tracks From Music Memos App to GarageBand

How to Move Tracks From Music Memos App to GarageBand

The new Music Memos app from Apple is a welcome upgrade for musicians who have been using the Voice Memos app to record song ideas.  Music Memos allows you to record in uncompressed audio, add drums, add bass lines, make notes, and export to GarageBand. Why Would You Export to GarageBand? The quality of your Voice Memos recording probably won’t …

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1 Minute Video Review - Music Memos App

1 Minute Video Review – Music Memos App

Apple released the Music Memos app a few weeks ago.  The intent is to provide an upgrade to the existing Voice Memos app, with a focus on recording musical ideas. I think Apple is spot on with this update.  Recording musical ideas is pretty much the only thing I used Voice Memos for.  So it’s nice to get a specialized …

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The 7 Best Backing Track Apps For Guitar

The 7 Best Backing Track Apps for Guitar

Backing tracks have come a long way from the old CD’s (or even cassettes). Remember those? There would be several versions of the same song on a CD – one with the lead melody, and then several versions in different keys without the lead melody. Those backing tracks (or “accompaniment tracks”) were versatile because you could practice playing melody, comping, …

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Write Tab, Add Audio, and Share It From Your Phone. Simple.

Write Tab, Add Audio, and Share It From Your Phone. Simple.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: Example A: Perhaps you heard, a few months ago Kirk Hammett lost his phone and over 250 musical ideas that he had recorded in it.  250 ideas!  That’s a lot of Metallica songs sitting in an iPhone.  Now, Kirk Hammett could certainly come up with another 250 ideas – probably by this …

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Record Guitar to an iPhone

Record Guitar to an iPhone with the Apogee JAM 96k

I recently tried out the Apogee JAM 96k.  The JAM bills itself as “the professional guitar interface for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac”.  As a bit of background, Apogee provides a wide range of audio electronics, covering entry-level to high end interfaces.  The JAM 96k fits as an entry level, single instrument, audio interface, with a bump in the audio …

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