About Jesse

I work for a tech company in Sweden and when I’m not in my office, you can find me on the front porch playing the guitar. Actually, most of my guitars are currently in the office. I tell my wife they help me focus.

I began playing guitar when I was 13. I got grounded so much one summer that I started playing guitar in my room to pass the time.  Practicing began as a way to amuse myself, but soon grew into a hobby that led to a job where I was paid to play for over a decade. Now it’s back to a hobby.

This blog developed out of the desire to share relevant, interesting and helpful tips about guitars. There’s a lot of great material online and I’m always inspired by the new players, guitars, and technology.  I admit, there’s a strong bias towards acoustic guitars, since that’s what I play most.

I have been married for seven years and live in Pasadena, CA where I have the incredible opportunity to hear great guitar players as they travel through Los Angeles everyday.

About the Blog

I post weekly and try to focus on topics like “guitar apps”, “interesting players”, “recommended resources”, and “guitar gear”. The goal is to provide regular, interesting resources to inspire and broaden any guitar player.

My Guitar and Gear

You can see a breakdown of my acoustic guitar gear over on the What I Use page.

Contact Information

Get in touch on Twitter and Facebook, or in the forums over at Harmony Central and reddit.com/r/guitar.

Or contact us directly at jesse[at]theguitarjournal.com.