Learn Guitar Top 5 Beginner Guitar Lessons Series

Learn Guitar: Top 5 Beginner Guitar Lesson Courses

The truth is, you can begin to learn guitar quickly and painlessly. Guitar is an amazing instrument because you can begin playing songs within minutes (I’m looking at you, “Nothing Else Matters”), yet be exploring the limits for a lifetime (see Chet Atkins or Joe Pass).

It makes sense that many people want to learn guitar. Some of the most moving music of the last 100 years has been composed on guitar. And some of the biggest celebrities have found fame by rocking one.

So, how to get started? The good news is that you can learn guitar in a number of ways: in person, by DVD, on the web, on your phone. But if you’re looking for cost-effective and immediately available, the web-based lessons are the best fit.

Here are the top 5 beginner guitar lessons series to get you started.


Learn Guitar with JamPlay---The-Top-5-Beginner-Guitar-Lessons-Series

JamPlay has been serving high quality online guitar lessons for years.  One of the big benefits is that once you pay the low monthly fee, you have access to their entire online library of lessons.  So you can explore artist specials and genre series to your heart’s content.

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Learn Guitar with Udemy---The-Top-5-Beginner-Guitar-Lessons-Series

Many folks have used Udemy to learn everything from software coding to stage presence.  What’s incredible , though, is there is an excellent selection of guitar lesson series.  The Udemy system is well-organized with a robust rating and review system, so take a look at what previous visitors have said.

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Learn And Master

Learn Guitar with LearnAndMaster---The-Top-5-Beginner-Guitar-Lessons-Series

Learn And Master features their well-known Gibson guitar course, winner of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Player’s Choice Award for Best Instructional Material.  This extensive set of DVD’s will truly allow you to “learn and master” the guitar.  If you prefer to pay once and then own the videos, this is a great format for you.

* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Learn Guitar with GuitarTricks---The-Top-5-Beginner-Guitar-Lessons-Series


GuitarTricks provides a systematic way for you to learn guitar, moving from basics to advance, through genres and “artist studies”.  A thorough and popular online source for guitar lessons.

* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Learn Guitar with ArtistWorks---The-Top-5-Beginner-Guitar-Lessons-Series


ArtistWorks provide high quality online guitar lessons in a unique format – for different price levels, you get different levels of personal interaction with the instructor. If you’re looking for a little feedback from an instructor, this could be a good choice.

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