3 Resources to Inspire Your Weekend Guitar Practice

Country Licks

I’m having a REALLY good time learning some country licks this week.

I come from a jazz/blues/rock background, so I don’t have a good set of country licks at my fingertips.  Working through this article and video from Guitar World is helping fix that.  There’s some really fun riffs, and in a variety of country styles.

You can get the tab and notes here.

Amazing Slow Downer

asd-logoAnother thing inspiring me is a practice tool that’s really helpful for learning solos and transcribing music.  It’s the Amazing Slow Downer software.  I was recommended this last year by a guitar instructor.  He used this with his students to help them learn solos.  The key feature is that the software doesn’t change pitch when it slows down (or speeds up) a track.

What I like:
Available across all devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)

What I don’t:
There’s not a way right now for it to access songs in Spotify (or if there is, someone please let me know).  It can play songs from iTunes, though.  I don’t mind paying .99 to learn a track, but I live in Spotify more.  So I would love the ability to work through playlists there.

Website:  http://www.ronimusic.com/

Percussive Techniques for Acoustic Guitar

PercussiveI love acoustic guitar, and I am a fan of modern, percussive, acoustic guitarists like Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour.  This article is a detailed set of insights on how those types of players get different percussion effects from their guitar.

Check out the Article Here.