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Best Guitar Tuner Apps

The 9 Best Guitar Tuner Apps

If you’re looking for the best guitar tuner app, you’re likely to go search the App Store for “guitar tuner” …and you’ll get 452 results.  That’s a lot of guitar tuners.  But which one is best?  After downloading some apps, reading up, and asking around in some forums, here’s our list of the 9 best guitar tuner apps (ranked by …

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Practice Guitar While Traveling

14 Ways to Practice Guitar on a Business Trip (Without Bringing a Guitar)

Background: You’re flying out to Chicago this week from Los Angeles for 2 days. The trip is for business and is a relatively quick turnaround. Unfortunately, it’s not convenient to bring your guitar along on the trip. So what’s the best way to keep up some practice time on the road? There’s actually quite a few ways to practice guitar …

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