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Guitar Sense GS-T1 Guitar Tuner Review

Guitar Sense GS-T1 Tuner Review

There are a lot of small, inexpensive tools that make guitar life much easier – a capo, a guitar string tool, a metronome.  But an absolutely indispensable one of these tools is the guitar tuner. The New Clip-On Guitar Tuner I recently had the chance to try the GS-T1 guitar tuner by Guitar Sense in the UK.  This is one of the new …

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An Introduction To Gypsy Jazz Lead Guitar Feature Image

An Introduction To Gypsy Jazz Lead Guitar

Gypsy jazz guitar is a unique guitar style that was created through the playing of the late virtuoso Django Reinhardt. Django played guitar in such a novel way that he has since inspired musicians all around the world to take up this fun and accessible guitar style. Gypsy Jazz is characterised by swinging rhythm guitar, and virtuosic lead melodies and …

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