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Checking Out Open G Tuning

Open G Tuning: A Brief Intro

I recently spent some time in Open G tuning, or “Low” Open G Tuning, as it’s sometimes called. I was following the lead of Don Ross in his fingerstyle guitar lessons, where he walks through the details the tuning and provides some example material. In short, the Open G tuning alters the standard guitar tuning so that the open strings, …

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Revo Guitar Straps

Revo Guitar Straps Review

Revo Guitar Straps is making headway.  You’ll see the guitar straps around the shoulders of folks like Zac Brown and Ziggy Marley. Revo’s idea is simple:  comfortable wooden guitar straps, handcrafted in Costa Rica. Wood? Yup, wood.  They kind of remind me of those wooden beaded seat covers favored by New York cabbies. (It’s possible that I had one one of …

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