Ian Ethan Case - Earth Suite

New Album by Ian Ethan Case: “Earth Suite”

I recently ran into this video by Ian Ethan Case and was blown away.  His amazing talent is to rock a double-necked acoustic guitar with two-handed tapping, strumming, and harmonics. Believe me, it falls squarely in the “face-melting” category of guitar playing.

Coinciding with my own personal discovery of him, he happened to be releasing a new album the same week.  The fates seem to be aligned!

So, I did the natural thing. I took the hint from that cosmic coincidence and wanted to share his music with you.

A bit of background…

Ian is a Boston-based multi-instrumentalist, best known for this (aforementioned) innovative approach to the 18-string acoustic double-neck guitar.

While he’s been playing and writing for over 8 years, he’s gaining increasing awareness lately thanks to popular YouTube videos and recognition by the industry in general

His newest album, “Earth Suite” combines his powerful fingerstyle playing with a number of other musicians.

The result is a fingerstyle-led, world music-inflected, instrumental beauty.  It’s a mash up of Andy McKee meets Avishai Cohen with a hint of Four Tet.

Check out the album trailer:


Cool, right? I know. You’re welcome.



Links to the Artist

Visit Ian Ethan Case at: http://ianethan.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpenLandMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/openlandmusic/

Buy The Album

More From CandyRat Records:

Acoustic double-neck guitarist and Candyrat recording artist ​Ian Ethan Case​ is quickly becoming recognized as “one of the most creative and engaging fingerstyle guitarists in the world” (International Center for Creativity.)

His latest album, Earth Suite, is the result of a two-year sustained recording and production effort and features a dozen musicians from all over the globe.

“This is really the first chance I’ve had to put together a large group of musicians and make an album where every track is a fully-realized version of what the underlying composition wants to be. I’m still doing everything I do when I play solo, but now having all these other instruments added to that makes it possible to clarify the melodies and counter-melodies, bring out the dynamic shapes, highlight contrasts, and generally color in the black-and-white outline of what’s possible for me in a solo context.”

Ian Ethan Case – acoustic double-neck guitar, fretless guitar, archtop guitar, nylon string guitar, kalimba
Amir Milstein – flute
Eugene Friesen – cello
Bertram Lehmann – percussion
Jamey Haddad – percussion
Jeff Willet – percussion
Jharis Yokley – drums 
G Maxwell Zemanovic – drums
Tony Connaway – bass violin
Yun-Yang Lin – cello
Casson Scowcroft – trombone
Mao Soné – flugelhorn, trumpet
Angelika Schafer – voice