The Ultimate Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs (Part 2)

The Ultimate Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs (Part 2)

We posted an article last week covering the top 10 acoustic guitar songs. We consulted some of the online lists of top guitar songs and tried to make a meta-list, a “best of the best” list. There was some good feedback over at Harmony Central on the post. Essentially, people said, “Wait, that’s not a list of acoustic guitar songs…. that’s a list of pop/rock songs that happen to have an acoustic guitar!”

And they were right. These songs were really just popular radio songs that featured acoustic guitar in some way. The unfortunate reality is that they don’t represent the best players, the best solos, or the best in acoustic guitar genres. They simply represent the most commercially popular.

One of the members at, @Graeca, took some great initiative and set up discussion threads for specfic acoustic guitar genres. Threads were set up for Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass, Singer/Songwriter, Blues, and Country. Thanks, @Graeca, for setting those up! I would encourage you to head over and contribute your thoughts (click here to go to the list of posts)

The next logical step is to curate some genre-specific “top 10” lists and see if we can focus in better on the best of the best. Keep your eye out for those here in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy this Spotify playlist of last week’s Ultimate Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs (with bonus tracks):

Ultimate Top 10 Acoustic Guitar List (on Spotify)