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Phil Keaggy and His Craft

I first encountered Phil Keaggy when I was probably 3 or 4 years old. My dad was jamming out the chords to “Full Circle” on his acoustic guitar (my brother still plays that lick 30 years later).

Since then, he’s floated in and out of my musical awareness as I’ve appreciated his virtuosity, artistic transformations, and, of course, his nostalgic appeal.

You can read a lot about Keaggy on his excellent website, but the short version is this:

  1. The Bio: He started playing as a young kid in Ohio: e played electric in several bands; and went solo, riding the rising swell of the Christian music industry. The 90’s saw him tackle (i.e. dominate) the acoustic guitar and explore new ground in solo, looper-based performances. And even now, he continues to produce albums and perform for a long-devoted fanbase.
  2.  The Myth: It’s possible that you may have heard Keaggy’s name from the famous Jimi Hendrix rumor which is, by the way, untrue according to Snopes. I won’t perpetuate the error, but it’s usually the first thing mentioned by guitarists when Keaggy’s name comes up.
  3. The Truth: You may also have heard that he’s missing part of his middle finger on his right hand and, yet, STILL somehow manages to pump out staggering fingerstyle guitar arrangements! This one is true.

But if you haven’t actually heard him, though, I would try listening to Addison’s Walk for some great acoustic fingerstyle playing.


So What’s New? Master Course!

Keaggy recently released a series of Master Course lessons on This is a welcome addition from a master of the acoustic guitar.

Phil Keaggy - Master Course - JamPlay

In these lessons, Keaggy covers technique, practice exercises, and tone and gear recommendations.

I’m particularly excited by the section on “Loops, Delays, and Pedals”. He’s done such amazing stuff with loopers (waaaay before Ed Sheeran!).

The lessons are framed as a “Master Course”. So, when you buy the package, you have the materials for life (as opposed to JamPlay’s typical subscription model).

JamPlay is also Live Master Class and Guitar Giveaway.  So lots of fun stuff going on!

You can find all the exciting details here.

P.S. CLICK HERE to get a a 25% discount on the Master Course (up until June 15).


P.P.S. Here’s a preview of Keaggy’s very approachable teaching style in a sweet capo and looping lesson. Special thanks to Elixir strings for making the cool video ; )