Performance 2 Capo - Gear Review

Performance 2 Capo: Gear Review

I recently had the chance to try the G7th Performance 2 guitar capo. This capo offers a unique clamping mechanism that promises better tuning and less wear’n’tear on the guitar fretboard. Both of these benefits derive from a “patented clutch mechanism” that allows the capo to clamp solidly at the minimum pressure required.

Because this mechanism makes the Performance 2 capo such a unique product, it really distinguishes G7th from the likes of fellow capo companies like Kyser or Shubb.

Note: The G7th company does, however, offer traditional model capos as well:

  • The Newport – screw-adjusted. More >>
  • The Nashville – spring-loaded. More >>
  • The UltraLight – wraps around the neck and clamps with a screw. More >>
  • The Heritage – a “yoke-style”, wraps around the neck and has a screw-driven mechanism directly behind the center of the neck, for even pressure distribution. More >>

About the G7th Performance 2

G7 Capo Gear Review - In Package front

The Performance 2 is aimed at 6-string guitars, both electric and acoustic. It’s patented clamp mechanism provides both a good tuning when applied, and can be easily moved (between songs, for instance).  As such, it’s a good general purpose capo for the guitarist looking to keep something in their gig bag.

(If you’re not familiar with using a capo, check out this post that give a quick introduction to capos in general).

The benefit of this patented clutch mechanism is that it doesn’t press on the strings too hard.  Many guitarists use spring-loaded capos because:

  1. They’re cheap, and
  2. They’re quick to put on and take off the guitar.

The spring mechanism, however is not the most accurate way to clamp the strings.  It presses really hard, which can actually put the strings out of tune.  And the pressure is stronger closer to the spring, so you may get inconsistent pressure across the neck.  The Performance 2 is designed to fix this.

G7 Capo Gear Review - In Package Reverse

When you put the Performance 2 on the guitar neck, you hit a release button on the back, and then manually push it down and it locks at whatever point you release it at. It’s a very smooth and sturdy mechanism.

The main benefit is that it doesn’t clamp any harder than you want it to.

Cost & Where To Buy

The Performance 2 (Steel String Silver) that I tested out lists at £32.95 on the G7th website.  But you can find it from numerous distributors for about $44 USD on Amazon.

There’s also a black model for about the same price, and a 18k-plated Gold model for about $80 USD.

So, after testing it, here’s a bit of feedback on the Pros and Cons…

G7 Gear Review - Close Up



  • It’s made really well.  Feels very solid and high-quality in your hand. Metal, rubber, and buttons all have nice finishes without errors.
  • The clamp mechanism is very smooth, easy to apply and remove.
  • When applied to the guitar neck, is stays just where you put it.  Solid grip.
  • Because it has a fairly low profile, it stays out of the way of your left hand (if you’re a righty, like me) while you’re playing.  This is a marked improvement from spring-loaded capos which often have a “tail” sticking up that can feel like it’s in the way.
  • Tuning, particularly in lower positions, sounded good.
  • G7th also offers a “free lifetime warranty”, which is pretty amazing.


  • When using it in positions above the 7th fret or so, I had a bit of buzzing on the G string.  It took a few attempts to get the clamp to sit correctly.
  • Applying, removing, or changing position of the capo was usually a two-handed affair, or at least required me to use my right hand.  It was too awkward to hit the apply/release mechanism and hold the capo at the same time with my fretting hand (while holding the guitar).
  • It’s pricier than the competition, which tends to hover in the $10 – $20 range.

G7th Performance 2 Capo


G7th’s Performance 2 is a high-quality, innovative guitar capo. It feels good, looks good, and delivers a well-tuned capo placement. It’s an ideal solution for rehearsals, home practice, and even recording.

For a ‘live’ situation with quick changes, it would be better to check out the Nashville or similar spring-loaded capo.

But if you’re able to part with $40+ to invest in a well-crafted piece of gear, the Performance 2 is solid.

Buy the Performance 2 >>


G7th has done some fun ads promoting their capos.  Enjoy…