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Modal Buddy App: A Smooth Introduction to Modal Scales

ModalBuddyModal Buddy – Guitar Jam Tool, Scales & Modes Theory Trainer

By: Ninebuzz Software LLC
Platform: iOS
Current Version Reviews: 4.5 stars
Overall Reviews: 5 Stars
Price: $4.99
In App Purchases: No


Modal Buddy is a well-produced, though very specifc, tool. The iOS app focuses on modal guitar scales, with an orientation towards the beginner. There are two main sections to the app: “Learn” and “Practice”.

The “Learn” section walks a beginner through the concept of modal scales. It explains the basic music theory as well as the practical application.

The “Practice” section provides jam tracks for the different modes. This gives you an opportunity to try out your newfound knowledge over some relevant background tracks. All of the tracks are based in the relative key of G (this isn’t quite the correct way to explain it theory-wise, but you know what I mean…), and there is one track per mode.


  • Well designed. The app looks and functions very nicely.
  • Backing tracks are good quality and appropriate.
  • Modal theory explanations are well-organized.


  • It’s a pricy app for how specific the application is.
  • The background track selection is quite limited.


Modal Buddy feels great when you use the app – smooth, intuitive, and no glitches.  On the other hand, it’s a bit expensive, and really does one thing – teaches modal scales.  And for that purpose, there’s nothing better.

I would say this is the perfect tool for teachers to use with their students, or for self-learners to use as an intro to modes.

Check out Guitar World’s Paul Riario as he demo’s Modal Buddy: