My Life As A One-Man Band: Tommy Emmanuel at Tedx Melbourne

Stories from the One-Man Band

This is Tommy Emmanuel giving an inspiring talk at the TEDx conference in Melbourne, Australia in December 2013.

It’s inspiring because:  a) he shares some of his musical development and b) because he plays a small selection of his tunes.  And, of course, there’s his genuine Tommy Emmanuel enthusiasm and sense of humor throughout.

Every time I see him play, it makes me want to immediately go pick up my guitar and get better.

Tommy’s 18 minute TEDx talk highlights:

  • The mechanics of his playing style
  • Chet Atkins as an inpiration
  • Tommy’s relationship with his audience
  • The musical effects he uses to keep things interesting
  • Percussion on the acoustic guitar
  • Cascading harmonics
  • Songwriting
  • A moving letter written by his wife

What did you think?  Worth the 18 minutes?