How to play Windy and Warm by Chet Atkins

How to Play Windy and Warm, by Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins is the eternal king of fingerstyle guitar.  I’m gearing up to learn some of his tunes and starting out by learning how to play Windy and Warm.  The song is actually by John D Loudermilk, but was made popular by Chet Atkins.

My inspiration was watching an interview with Tommy Emmanuel the other day.  In the middle of commenting on his own musical background Tommy jumped into a short version of Windy and Warm.  It was pretty impressive.

It’s a popular tune, so there’s quite a few resources out there on how to play it (including this video by Dave Morgan with nice closeups of his hands).  There’s also quite a few version out there.  Chet himself recorded it several times, as well as Doc Watson and others.

Here’s the sources I’m working from:

Sheet music and tab from | Download here

Windy & Warm – Bhudda Remastered; Chet Atkins; Guitar Legend – The RCA Years


I’ll look forward to posting the results once I get it under my fingers.

Any experience with this tune?  Let me know in the comments below.