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George Lowden Giving a Great Introduction to Acoustic Guitar Wood

Acoustic Guitar Magazine ran a great video piece on the woods used in acoustic guitars.  George Lowden’s “Every Guitar Has A Voice” videos give a nice introduction and overview of the different woods used in high end acoustic guitars, and the tones created by them.

The videos are about 15min and 10min respectively, so it’s a nice quick overview.  His patient and thoughtful manner give such a sense of craftsmanship that goes into creating quality acoustic guitars.

On choosing an acoustic guitar, George says:

“…the one that speaks to you most is the one that you should choose, but I’m trying to give you a head start in that choice by understanding what different woods do.”

View Part 1 on Acoutic Guitar Magazine’s site here:  Every Guitar Has A Voice | Part 1

View Part 2 on Youtube here: Every Guitar Has A Voice | Part 2


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