Furch RAINBOW Guitars

Furch Guitars Lets You Build Your Dream Guitar Using 160 Data Points

You no longer have to be a stadium-headlining artist to have your own custom guitar. Furch Guitars (Furch), a world-leading manufacturer of acoustic guitars, has changed the game. Furch now offers each guitarist the chance to be their own guitar builder, creating exactly the acoustic guitar they desire.

Choose from up to 160 different features, mixing and matching to your own specific needs.

The customized guitar then carries the brand RAINBOW.

How It Works

For the new modifiable RAINBOW guitar series, Furch has prepared a high-grade “basic version”: a) the cover of the sitka cage, and b) the bottom and the sack of Indian rosewood. Both of these materials belong to the so-called master grade version, which means that it applies to selected top quality wood.

On top of this basic model template, the customer can complement additional design variants. Choose from more than 160 different features including, for example:

  • the shape of the guitar’s body
  • the number of strings
  • materials
  • decorations
  • lacquering
  • mechanics for tuning and
  • tuning sound

With these combination of available adjustments, you can build over 25,000 different guitar models.

Furch Guitars Rainbow



“The interest in customized guitars has constantly increased over the past ten years. Already last year, guitars consisted of a higher degree of ordered adjustments, six per cent of which were output and this year we expect an even higher figure.

Our new series of RAINBOW guitars is a response to the growing demand for so-called customodeller, which offers customers the greatest freedom in the construction of their dream guitars. Guitarists will no longer be bound to the standard models in our range, but will be able to design the guitar basically right from the start,” says Petr Furch, CEO of Furch Guitars.

Although each model of the RAINBOW guitars is largely unique, the quality craftsmanship remains the same.  This means that the high quality wood and unique production technology are always the foundation.  Guitar models all build on the Furch process: how the lid and bottom are customized, the unique UV lacquer with an extremely thin and resilient texture, Furch’s revolutionary neck design, and the CNR System, which prolongs the stability of the neck by up to 90%.

Furch Guitars ORANGE

The combination of the highest quality materials and leading manufacturing techniques makes the RAINBOW models not only looks good but, above all, perform with Furch guitar’s characteristic high quality sound.

Price and Availability

The RAINBOW series guitars can only be ordered by authorized dealers, the list of them is available at www.furch.cz/eu-en/retailers.

The color series of acoustic guitars In addition to the RAINBOW models, the customer can choose from seven different standard colors RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET.

The new color models combine an elegant look further underlined with a number of detailed features, with high-quality sound and a range of unique production techniques. The individual “color series” differ in particular with the combinations of the materials used, the type of surface treatment and the way they are decorated.

The highest standard of guitars, RED, combines the exclusive material, the capability of the lid and the bottom, distinctive and untraditional details, and the unique high-gloss finish finish Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish.

The standard series VIOLET also offers a semi-massive instrument with the Open-Pore Finish finish and significantly more dimmed decorations. More information about the new Acoustic Furch Guitars is available on the updated website www.furchguitars.com.

Prices range from 793 € – 2,895 € depending on series.

Furch Guitars

The Furch Guitars (Furch) company was founded in 1981 and has gradually become one of the leading manufacturers in the world of acoustic guitars and basses.

The manufacturing and company headquarters are located in Velké Němčice near Brno.

Furch has successfully combined a long-standing knowledge in the field of manual guitar production with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, technologies, as well as their own inventions. This allows them to deliver first-class instruments with outstanding acoustic and material parameters.

Furch delivers its instruments with a three-year guarantee to 32 countries in five continents, has over 60 highly qualified instrument makers and produces over 7,000 guitars annually, as used by, among others, Suzanne Vega, Per Gessle, Glen Hansard, David Koller, Vlasta Redl, Zdeněk Bína or Thom Artway.

Further information can be found on the web site www.furchguitars.com.