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Finger Picks - 7 Popular Finger Picks to Clarify Your Fingerpicking

7 Popular Finger Picks to Clarify Your Fingerpicking

Finger picks brighten and clarify your fingerpicking. Using the flesh of your fingers to individually pick the strings usually creates a muted and muddy sound. But by attaching a plectrum to the end of each picking finger, each note is picked with added power and brightness – cutting through more clearly. In classical guitar, guitarists often grow out their natural …

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Dobro Side Shot

Beginner’s Kit for Dobro Guitar

A while back, an older guitar player friend did something very kind for me:  He gave me a basic beginner’s kit to learn dobro.  No, it wasn’t hugely expensive.  And, yes, he was probably just trying to clear out his old guitar gear. Nevertheless, it was all I needed to start learning basic dobro (AKA “resonator guitar”) technique. I had …

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KennyKozol Studio Photo

Interview with Kenny Kozol: On Dobro and Songwriting

Kenny Kozol has been around music his whole life.  He grew up in Seattle, first absorbing country music through his father’s career as a musician, then playing in a country band of his own.  And while Kenny has played guitar and banjo for most of his life, his love for country, bluegrass, and gospel recently led him to turn a corner …

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Square neck versus round neck resonator guitars

Square Neck versus Round Neck Resonator Guitars

An important decision when buying a resonator guitar (AKA a dobro) is whether to get a “Square Neck” or “Round Neck”. The neck style is important because it affects a number of things, including: your playing technique, what tunings you use, and even what type of music you play. The basic difference between a Square neck versus Round neck resonator: …

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The Top 25 Dobro Players

The Top 20 Dobro™ Players

The Dobro™ is a beautiful, lyrical, and haunting instrument.  Invented in the 1920’s, the Dobro™ was originally produced by only one company:  the Dobro Manufacturing Company. As the instrument slowly gathered a following, several other companies began to produce them:  National Resophonic, Saga Musical Instruments, and Scheerhorn.  Gibson guitars now owns the Dobro™ brand name and defends the term “Dobro” …

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