Calum Graham

Calum Graham

Calum Graham is a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist and singer-songwriter. He has classical guitar training, but uses a percussive technique. He has released four albums. When he was 22 he was listed by Acoustic Guitar magazine as one of their 30 “great guitarists under 30”. In 2009 Graham won the Calgary Stampede Talent Search, and also the ensuing national-level talent contest.

He came second in the fingerstyle guitar competition at the 2009 Canadian Guitar Festival, and won it in 2010.

In 2011 he won the Canada’s Walk of Fame “A Song For Canada” song contest. The prize included C$25,000 in cash, and time in a recording studio.

One of my personal favorites is his “Tabula Rasa“.


If you’re a fan of Spotify, here’s a couple tunes to get you started:


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