Puerto Rican Acoustic Guitar Luthier

8 Acoustic Guitar Treasures that Etsy Knows You Need

You may have seen this week that Etsy, the online arts and crafts marketplace, is filing an IPO.  This means they’ll get a lot of money and get even bigger.  I have a few friends and family with Etsy shops and they really enjoy the scene.

For me, it’s just fun to just cruise the site and see what kind of hand-crafted creativity is going on out there.

Here are a few acoustic guitar gems that caught my eye:

1. Handmade Electro Acoustic Guitar

Puerto Rican Acoustic Guitar Luthier

I have no idea how it sounds, but it’s made by a luthier shop “Raulo Guitars” in Puerto Rico.

All I know is that it looks awesome.

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2. Wooden Guitar Pick Box

Wooden Guitar Pick Holder

Solid hardwood, magnetic latch system, felt lined, brass hinge.

I guess this would keep me from always losing my picks in the wash…

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3. 3-Space Acoustic Guitar Stand

3 space Acoustic guitar stand

I really like this one.  There’s a 5-space stand on Etsy also.  I always thought these sideways racks were pretty efficient.

Plus, after your guitar falls face first off a normal stand, you’re willing to try anything with more security.

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4. Be Good To Your Wood T-shirt

Be Good To Your Wood T-Shirt

For some reason, this shirt cracks me up.  And it’s only $15. (And has lots of other colors.)

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5. Wüdshop Guitar Capo

Wüdshop Guitar Capo

Cool looking capo, and is handmade to order.  It looks like they used different types of wood, so you might get slightly different colors and wood types each time.

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6. Acoustic Guitar Exotic Wood Pickguard

Exotic Wood Pickguard

Admittedly, I’m not about to rip the pickguard off my beautiful Larrivee.  But it’s fun to think that you have a choice.

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7. Handmade Leather Guitar Strap

Handmade Leather Guitar Strap

Leather and wood.  They just go together.

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8. Stratton Acoustic Guitar 1893 Patent Wall Art Print

Stratton Acoustic Guitar Patent Print

Wow, that’s a mouthful.  In any case, what a cool idea for a wall print.  Guitar technology seems like such an age-old art, it’s hard to imagine there’s a patent on some things.

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Did I miss something good?  Let me know any other fun guitar stuff out there on Etsy!