10 Great Country Guitar Lessons on YouTube

13 Great Country Acoustic Guitar Lessons on YouTube

As we all know, YouTube has a wealth of lessons and “how to play” tutorials for guitar.  If you want insights into playing a particular song, riff, technique, or for exploring a new genre, it’s the perfect place to search.

A quick disclaimer:  I don’t normally recommend YouTube for longterm guitar lessons.  Why?  Well, it’s too fragmented and non-sequential to develop guitar skills over the long haul.  It’s better to sign up for a structured set of video lessons. (You can check out something like JamPlay or ArtistWorks.)

If you’re not a tried’n’true country acoustic player, here’s 10 great lessons that will get y’all going with some fun country guitar.

Videos were selected for quality, number of views, brevity, and with an eye towards covering a variety of topics – i.e. strumming, licks, styles, and levels of playing.

Play Acoustic Guitar like Johnny Cash | Country Guitar


Bluegrass Guitar with Bryan Sutton – The G Run (breakdown and history)


2 Gorgeous Country Guitar Licks


The Best Country Strumming Patterns | Guitar Lesson


How to Play with a Bottleneck Slide | Country Guitar


Guitar World Country Licks Lesson 1 – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg


Country Blues Fingerpicking Lesson with John Miller from Acoustic Guitar


Pickin’ & Grinnin’: 20 Tasty Country Guitar Licks with Gary Potter


Acoustic Guitar Hammer On Chords Lick – Ballads, Country, Bluegrass – Intermediate Lesson


Bluegrass Country Strum and Alternate Bass Notes – Learn Advanced Acoustic Guitar Lesson


Easy Acoustic Country Bluegrass Guitar Lesson – Acoustic Quick Licks 2


Great Licks for Acoustic Guitar! – Blues and Bluegrass


Acoustic Blues Lesson – Easy Country Blues Licks and Patterns by Jimmy Dillon