10 Great Guitar Blogs Worth a Follow

10 Great Guitar Blogs Worth a “Follow” (Updated)

There’s so much good guitar info online, it’s hard to know where to get started.  These 10 guitar blogs should be a good beginning to broaden your playing, learn about gear, and keep up with the community.

Why these 10 particular sites?  Because these guitar blogs are:

  • Well designed
  • Regularly updated with good content
  • Varied in focus
  • And popular

So click through to a few of the sites and get inspired.

Note: This post has been recently updated. Some blogs have been downgraded. Blogs from another post have been integrated here for easier viewing. A list of “Rising Blogs” is included based on the comments from the community


The Guitar Blogs List

1. Jazz Guitar Online: JazzGuitar.be

Jazz Guitar Blog

A great over-all site, with lots of material for learning jazz guitar.  There are eBooks and courses, but lots of free blog content with lessons, how tos, and other stuff.

2. Reverb: https://reverb.com/news

Reverb News Guitar Blog

I recently wrote about Reverb.com, where you can buy and sell music instruments, gear, etc. Their blog is great. So many interesting articles on everything from artist interviews to instrument history.

3. StewMac: Stewmac.com/How-To/Trade_Secrets

StewMac Guitar Blog

Stewart-MacDonald supplies guitar parts and luthier tools. But if you check out their “Trade Secrets” blog, you’ll find a wealth of information on how to tweak, care for, and otherwise love your guitar.

4. Eddie’s Guitars:  EddiesGuitars.com/blog

EddiesGuitars.com Blog

A guitar shop with a nice blog reviewing acoustic guitars.  A good pace to check out if you’re thinking of buying an acoustic and want to see some video reviews.

5. Six String Soul: SixStringSoul.com

SixStringSoul.com Guitar Blog

A long-running blog covering all sorts of guitar stuff – from gear to goofy.

6.  Guitarz: Guitarz.blogspot.com

Guitarz.blogspot.com Guitar Blog

Lots, and lots, and lots of guitar pictures!  If you’re into just seeing all sorts of guitars, this is the place for you.

7. Martin Guitars: http://blog.martinguitar.com/blog

Martin Guitar Blog

Because Martin is just so good and so popular, all at the same time. The blog is (of course) kind of heavy on promoting their latest guitars, which may be good or bad, depending if you’re a Martin fan…

8.  Guitar Salon: GuitarSalon.com/blog

Guitar Blogs worth following

A classical guitar-oriented site, with lots of high quality material on classical guitar music, players, and guitars.

9. Music Villa: http://www.musicvilla.com/media

Music Villa Guitar blog

A store in Bozeman, MT with a seriously cool acoustic guitar blog.

10. Premier Guitar: https://www.premierguitar.com/

Premier Guitar Blog

Premier Guitar’s blog page is a ‘meta’ extraction of all the recent posts from their array of specialist blogs. Find info on acoustics, pedals, vintage gear, etc.


Rising Stars

Thanks to everyone for the great comments!  Here are a list of guitar blogs suggested by the community (in no particular order):

Tonefiend.com: http://tonefiend.com/

The personal blog of David Gore, editor and write for Premier Guitar. His in-depth and somewhat eclectic posts share insight into someone obsessed with music theory, technology, and good music.

Find The Tone: https://findthetone.com

“Not a guitar blog, but you need an amp if you wanna rock out! Content is currently of novice to intermediate level. We will be taking on expert topics like setting up your amps, in the near future.”

Unlock the Guitar: http://www.unlocktheguitar.net/blog

Lots of lessons and eBooks.

Music Radar: http://www.musicradar.com/

My Guitar Workshop: https://www.myguitarworkshop.com/

Jazz Guitar Licks: http://www.jazz-guitar-licks.com/blog/

Guitar Sound Guru: http://guitarsoundguru.com/

Wampler Pedals: http://wamplerpedals.com/blog/


These are guitar blogs that were previously mentioned in this post as being “follow worthy”.  But… for various reasons have posted less frequently, gone offline, or otherwise disappeared, so they’ve been de-listed.  But, in case you’re curious about previous recommendations, here they are:








Got more suggestions?  Put ’em in the comments below!