I’m always amazed at the amount of material and resources for guitar.  There’s thousands of great songs to learn, hundreds of imitation-worthy guitar players in every genre, and loads of online tutorials and teaching material.

Below you’ll find articles that present the best and most popular selections from these categories.  Sometimes it’s a list of dobro players, or podcasts, or even recommended YouTube channels.  So check out the articles to find some new inspiration.

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An Introduction To Gypsy Jazz Lead Guitar Feature Image

An Introduction To Gypsy Jazz Lead Guitar

Gypsy jazz guitar is a unique guitar style that was created through the playing of the late virtuoso Django Reinhardt. Django played guitar in such a novel way that he has since inspired musicians all around the world to take up this fun and accessible guitar style. Gypsy Jazz is characterised by swinging rhythm guitar, and virtuosic lead melodies and …

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Free Book: Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t (by Steven Pressfield)

Steven Pressfield, popular author on the creative process, just gave away his latest book.  Get a free digital copy of “Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t” by clicking here (Available in formats for Kindle/Nook/iTunes/PDF/etc.). Why get the book?  Because Steven Pressfield has done an amazing job of addressing the problems that plague creative folks, from pianists to playwrights.  His most …

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Decoster Table

Your Workspace Is Important

In an interview with DART: Design Art Daily, Jeffrey Decoster makes a great observation about an artist’s workspace: The idea is for it be inviting when I’m not working, and for it not to fight me when I’m in a groove. I used to think these were secondary matters but it’s so enjoyable to work in a space that has …

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Img 3194 1

The Benefits of Vinyl

I’m not a big vinyl guy. I have a few records, I listen to them once in a while. Most of the time I stream music online. But tonight I walked into a local used record store and bought two gems: Graceland by Paul Simon, and Two for the Road, Herb Ellis and Joe Pass. I took a listen and …

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Every Musician Is A Marketer

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has written several insightful and oft referenced books on creativity and the creative process, particularly Flow and Creativity. In Creativity, he discusses the Systems Model of Creativity. This system describes how a piece of creative work becomes significant in the general culture. There are essentially three pieces to this model: 1. The domain is the area of creative work …

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Guitar Aerobics

Guitar Aerobics: An 80’s Title, But 2016 Worthy

We’re two weeks into 2016.  Right around the time that your willpower begins to wear out on those New Year’s Resolutions.  The gyms will slowly be emptying out over the next few weeks.  The fast food restaurants will be slowly filling back up. What about you?  Did you make any resolutions for guitar?  To record more?  Practice more? I didn’t …

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ToneFiend Guitar Blog

5 More Great Guitar Blogs Worth A Follow

I wrote a popular post a while back called “10 Great Guitar Blogs Worth a Follow”. Well, the time has come to update that list a bit with “5 more great guitar blogs worth a follow”. In no particular order: 1. The personal blog of David Gore, editor and write for Premier Guitar. His in-depth and somewhat eclectic posts …

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