1 Minute Video Review - Music Memos App

1 Minute Video Review – Music Memos App

Apple released the Music Memos app a few weeks ago.  The intent is to provide an upgrade to the existing Voice Memos app, with a focus on recording musical ideas. I think Apple is spot on with this update.  Recording musical ideas is pretty much the only thing I used Voice Memos for.  So it’s nice to get a specialized …

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Every Musician Is A Marketer

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has written several insightful and oft referenced books on creativity and the creative process, particularly Flow and Creativity. In Creativity, he discusses the Systems Model of Creativity. This system describes how a piece of creative work becomes significant in the general culture. There are essentially three pieces to this model: 1. The domain is the area of creative work …

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Alternate Tunings: GTDB

Over 500 Alternate Tunings for Acoustic Guitar

This is, by far, one of the coolest online resources I’ve seen for acoustic guitar: www.gtdb.org.  Don’t even bother to read this post, just go check it out. Guitar Tuning Database According to their homepage, gtdb.org has been going since 2011.  The site keeps a huge list of alternate guitar tunings, racking up 507 different tunings.  Many of the tunings are user-submitted …

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Florentine vs Venetian Cutaways: What's the Difference?

Florentine vs Venetian Cutaway: What’s the Difference?

TL;DR:  A Venetian cutaway is rounded, a Florentine cutaway is sharp.  As a mneumonic, you can remember that the Florentine is like floss, which feels sharp on your gums. A Tale of Two Cutaways The cutaway of an acoustic guitar gives access to the upper frets.  The luthier provides this access by removing part of the body of the guitar under …

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116 Seth Godin Photo

Seth Godin Wants to Know if Your Music Is Any Good?

I highly recommend a recent podcast by Tim Ferriss, where he interviews Seth Godin. It’s long, but worth it. I like it when my brain feels alive, and Seth makes my brain feel alive. For those who aren’t familiar, Seth Godin is a widely known (and respected) marketer, thinker, and author of books like Tribes and The Dip. In the …

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