Online Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Review: Funky Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Online

A while back, I took a look at online lessons for fingerstyle guitar.  As modern acoustic fingerstyle playing has grown in popularity, so have the options for lessons.  There’s video courses (like JamPlay), tab sites (like, Skype lessons (like Callum Graham), etc. One of the sites I looked at was the site.  Run by Adam Rafferty, is a membership …

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Decoster Table

Your Workspace Is Important

In an interview with DART: Design Art Daily, Jeffrey Decoster makes a great observation about an artist’s workspace: The idea is for it be inviting when I’m not working, and for it not to fight me when I’m in a groove. I used to think these were secondary matters but it’s so enjoyable to work in a space that has …

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How to Import Tracks From Music Memos App to GarageBand

How to Move Tracks From Music Memos App to GarageBand

The new Music Memos app from Apple is a welcome upgrade for musicians who have been using the Voice Memos app to record song ideas.  Music Memos allows you to record in uncompressed audio, add drums, add bass lines, make notes, and export to GarageBand. Why Would You Export to GarageBand? The quality of your Voice Memos recording probably won’t …

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The Benefits of Vinyl

I’m not a big vinyl guy. I have a few records, I listen to them once in a while. Most of the time I stream music online. But tonight I walked into a local used record store and bought two gems: Graceland by Paul Simon, and Two for the Road, Herb Ellis and Joe Pass. I took a listen and …

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1 Minute Video Review - Music Memos App

1 Minute Video Review – Music Memos App

Apple released the Music Memos app a few weeks ago.  The intent is to provide an upgrade to the existing Voice Memos app, with a focus on recording musical ideas. I think Apple is spot on with this update.  Recording musical ideas is pretty much the only thing I used Voice Memos for.  So it’s nice to get a specialized …

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