5 Old School Dave Matthews Songs That Made You Buy An Acoustic

5 Old School Dave Matthews Songs That Made You Buy an Acoustic

Back in the ‘90s, while Saved By The Bell was wooing the hearts of 10 million junior high girls, and Back Street Boys were still in junior high, Dave Matthews Band was rocking the college music scene.

A bartender in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dave Matthews formed up the band with a few local musicians.  The now infamous line up included:  Carter Beauford on drums (voted Best Drummer in the world for, like, ever), Stefan Lessard on Bass, LeRoi Moore on Sax, and Boyd Tinsley on Violin.

Saved By the Bell may have woo’ed the ladies, but Dave Matthews woo’ed the college guys, letting them know that acoustic guitar could be something awesome.  Groovy, dynamic, modern, beautiful.  True, it wasn’t the technical depth of today’s Andy McKee.  Or the soul-searching poetry of old school Bob Dylan.  But, hey, it was pretty happening for the 90’s.  Even crazier, Mathews was doing this on an Ovation!  No run-of-the-mill Martins or Gibsons in this man’s gig bag.  New school electronics and functionality were the order of the day.

Perhaps as much as any other single musician, Dave Matthews contributed to the flight from metal guitar in the 90’s.  Instead of new guitar player’s learning Metallica riffs and Van Halen techniques, they wanted to learn Nirvana songs and Dave Matthews chord inversions.

Here are 5 Dave Matthews songs that made even Zach Morris want to learn acoustic guitar.
*Links to tab included.

1. Crash Into Me

Music Video:


How to Play:


Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/d/dave_matthews_band/crash_into_me_tab.htm

2. Satellite

Music Video:


How to Play:


Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/d/dave_matthews_band/satellite_tab.htm

3. Ants Marching:

Music Video:


How to Play:


Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/d/dave_matthews_band/ants_marching_tab.htm

4. Pay For What You Get:

Music Video:


Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/d/dave_matthews_band/pay_for_what_you_get_tab.htm

5. Lover Lay Down:

Music Video:


How to Play:


Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/d/dave_matthews_band/lover_lay_down_crd.htm

Random Bonus:

Carter Beauford playing a drum solo with a GoPro in his mouth.  Seriously.


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