10 Guitar Blogs Worth a 'Follow'

10 Great Guitar Blogs Worth a “Follow”

There’s so much good guitar info online, it’s hard to know where to get started.  These 10 blogs should be a good beginning to broaden your playing, learn about gear, and keep up with the community.

Why these 10 particular sites?  Because these guitar blogs are:

  • Well designed
  • Regularly updated with good content
  • Varied in focus
  • And popular

So click through to a few of the sites and get inspired.


1. For those of you interested in Parlor guitars, check out the blog over at parlor.guitars.
2. If you’re interested in the recent surge in acoustic fingerstyle guitar, check out modernfingerstyleguitar.com.

I’ve also just posted an update: “5 More Great Guitar Blogs Worth a Follow”


The List

1. JazzGuitar.be

JazzGuitar.be BlogJazz Guitar Blog


2. ClassicalGuitar.org/blog

ClassicalGuitar.org blog

3. Guitarkadia.com

Guitarkadia.com blog


4.  EddiesGuitars.com/blog

EddiesGuitars.com Blog


5. SixStringSoul.com

SixStringSoul.com Guitar Blog


6.  Guitarz.blogspot.com

Guitarz.blogspot.com Guitar Blog

7.  GuitarNoize.com

GuitarNoize.com Guitar Blog


8.  GuitarSalon.com/blog

GuitarSalon.com Guitar Blog


9.  AcousticLetter.com/blog

Acousticletter.com Guitar Blog


10.  GuitarInternational.com

GuitarInternaional.com Blog


Looking for more suggestions?  Check out the follow up post:  “5 More Great Guitar Blogs Worth a Follow”.

Got some suggestions?  Put ’em in the comments below!