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Learn Any Riff With Clean, Intuitive PracticeLooper App

I love beautiful apps.  I know, I know, that’s very Steve Jobs-y.  I should have said, “I love gorgeous apps”, right?

What I actually mean is that I like apps with good design, intuitive interface, and which efficiently solve a problem.  I’m not looking to file my taxes from my phone.  I just want to perform a basic function, quickly, from wherever I’m at.

I tried out a new app this week that makes the grade.  PracticeLooper.

What’s PracticeLooper?

Well, remember back with me for a moment…  We’ve all slowed down a song to listen to how a particular riff goes, study a solo, or catch the nuance of a chord progression.  Some of us are old enough to have skipped back through a CD dozens of times to do this. Maybe others have even rewound a cassette till the tape got weak…?  PracticeLooper does from your iOS device.

PracticeLooper simply allows you to loop and slowPracticeLooper App Icon down any part of a track stored in your iTunes.  Most importantly, you can slow the track down without changing pitch.  You can do other stuff like zoom, use MIDI control, an access pitch controls.  As they say on the website, it’s useful for “musicians, students, bands, transcribers, choreographers, or anyone else that needs to analyze songs or practice in sync with music”.

Download on the Apple iOS App StoreNow, there’s a lot of similar tools out there.  I’ve even mentioned the Amazing Slowdowner before, another app doing the same job.  But I like PracticeLooper because it’s simple and clean enough that I don’t have to tinker with it.  I can just focus on practicing.

Good design?  Check.  Intuitive inteface? Check.  Efficiently solves a problem?  Check.  And it works well on iPhone and iPad.

Only two drawbacks so far:

1. It only works on iTunes.  There’s no plans to add local Spotify files (or presumably any other stream-and-store services) in the near future.

2.  It only works on iOS.  Android users are left high and dry.

On the bright side, the guys at Signals and Stuff have a good looking site:

View on app store >>

FYI:  The video below will give you a quick look at what I’m talking about with the ease of use: