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A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide on How To Read Guitar Tabs

A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Guitar Tabs

Guitar tabs are a godsend for most guitarists. They allow us to easily figure out how to play a song by plotting out numbers, which correspond to your guitar’s frets, on six lines which correspond to your guitar’s strings. This is a much easier method than using traditional music notation as you don’t need to memorize what each note looks …

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PhilKeaggyPress 2013a V3

Phil Keaggy and His Craft

I first encountered Phil Keaggy when I was probably 3 or 4 years old. My dad was jamming out the chords to “Full Circle” on his acoustic guitar (my brother still plays that lick 30 years later). Since then, he’s floated in and out of my musical awareness as I’ve appreciated his virtuosity, artistic transformations, and, of course, his nostalgic …

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I Lov Guitars Pick Review

I Lov Guitars sells premium guitar picks online. They claim to be the “first guitar pick company to offer picks on a subscription basis (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)” I Lov Guitars picks are made from Acetal Delrin(R) and come in multiple gauges and shapes. Their picks have a special grind texture to prevent it from easily slipping. They have picks …

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Practice Book

App Review: Keeping Your Tabs Organized with Practice Book

Practice Book solves a basic problem for all sorts of guitarists:  quickly accessing your favorite tabs.  If you’re like me, you often look up a tab (or ten) and simply leave them open in the web browser while you play.  Then, the inevitable happens.  A week later, you refresh your whole browser, and poof!  Those tabs are gone.  Sure, you …

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