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7 Accessories For Your New Acoustic Guitar

7 Essential Accessories For Your New Acoustic Guitar

Did you just get a new acoustic guitar for Christmas?  My father-in-law did.  In fact, I helped him pick it out!   He wasn’t very particular, he really just wanted a guitar at the house for his kids and guests to play when they came over.  A truly selfless gift.  So we ended up getting this Yamaha acoustic electric. Of …

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7 Billy Joel Songs Made For Acoustic Guitar

7 Billy Joel Songs Made for Acoustic Guitar

Billy Joel is an iconic songwriter, piano player, and performer.  His songs are timeless, and his shows are electric.  And for guitar players, it can be frustrating that he wrote all this great music from the piano.  Songs like The Piano Man, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, and New York State of Mind just ‘sit right’ on piano. The good news …

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10 Great Guitar Blogs Worth a Follow

10 Great Guitar Blogs Worth a “Follow” (Updated)

There’s so much good guitar info online, it’s hard to know where to get started.  These 10 guitar blogs should be a good beginning to broaden your playing, learn about gear, and keep up with the community. Why these 10 particular sites?  Because these guitar blogs are: Well designed Regularly updated with good content Varied in focus And popular So click through to …

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