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Top 7 Best Guitar Podcasts

Top 7 Best Guitar Podcasts [Expanded]

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed on the guitar world, learn some new skills, and get inspired.  There are quite a few folks out there working hard every week to put together quality material.  Podcasts are convenient format for getting this material for several reasons:   They're available on your phone, so they're easily accessible during 'downtime' on flights, ...Read More
The Top 25 Dobro Players

The Top 20 Dobro™ Players

The Dobro™ is a beautiful, lyrical, and haunting instrument.  Invented in the 1920’s, the Dobro™ was originally produced by only one company:  the Dobro Manufacturing Company. As the instrument slowly gathered a following, several other companies began to produce them:  National Resophonic, Saga Musical Instruments, and Scheerhorn.  Gibson guitars now owns the Dobro™ brand name and defends the term “Dobro” …

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Quick Tip: Add Bottom End to Your Fingerstyle Playing

How do you choose your guitar strings? No, I don’t mean choosing the brand. I mean how do you choose which gauge to use? It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to play leads? Go for Light strings. Want versatiliy? Mediums-Light. Volume? Go for Medium or Medium-Heavy. And for Heavy’s, well…I don’t know anyone that actually …

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