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Square neck versus round neck resonator guitars

Square Neck versus Round Neck Resonator Guitars

An important decision when buying a resonator guitar (AKA a dobro) is whether to get a “Square Neck” or “Round Neck”. The neck style is important because it affects a number of things, including: your playing technique, what tunings you use, and even what type of music you play. The basic difference between a Square neck versus Round neck resonator: …

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Why are my fingers so different than my ears? Economic theory.

I’ve noticed something about myself.  What I play seems completely different than what I listen to.  What do I listen to?  Frank Sinatra, deadmau5, Coldplay, Bon Iver, U2, 80’s music, Classical music, cool jazz.  But what do I play?  Folk, percussive fingerstyle, blues, jazz standards.  Why the big difference?  There’s probably a lot of reasons:   The instrument.  The guitar works …

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Best Guitar Tuner Apps

The 9 Best Guitar Tuner Apps

If you’re looking for the best guitar tuner app, you’re likely to go search the App Store for “guitar tuner” …and you’ll get 452 results.  That’s a lot of guitar tuners.  But which one is best?  After downloading some apps, reading up, and asking around in some forums, here’s our list of the 9 best guitar tuner apps (ranked by …

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